Interphone Edge Intercom Twin Pack

Product code: 010/INTPHED

Interphone Edge Intercom Twin Pack




Interphone Edge connects 2 riders (up to a maximum of 4) at a distance of 1 Km. With two Bluetooth® channels you can use mobile and navigator together. The pair adapts to every helmet and intercom on the market and the 12-hour battery makes you travel without interruption. The voice assistant, the noise-canceling microphone and the volume adjustment make it easy to use on the road for a pleasant and relaxing drive. The TTS for the voice reading of the incoming call and the redialing of the last call are a touch of class of Interphone Edge. Connect the intercoms to mobile phones or MP3 players to listen to your favorite music while traveling!
  • AUDIO: multilingual voice guide (TTS), noise-cancelling microphone, dual volume adjustment mode (for open-face and modular helmets or for full-face helmets), boom microphone for open-face and modular helmets with dual volume adjustment depending on the helmet and adhesive for full-face helmets.
  • BUILT-IN FM RADIO: RDS function (choose the best frequencies depending on the area), 8 station presets, automatic mute for incoming phone calls
  • GPS: compatible with the main Bluetooth sat-navs for motorbikes, GPS voice directions
  • MOBILE PHONE: voice dialling, last number redial, TTS for reading out the caller ID
  • STANDBY: 700 hours

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